The Android is a Primary Role which is most notable for being immortal. Upon death the android will alert the game that it was an android and drop a memory card. The android is granted a small area of vision around the memory card and is able to send messages as text above the card. If the card is brought to the Arbitress it can be revived. The android also has Evolution Points, however unlike the Mutant or the Alien there is currently no way to increase its rate of gain, therefore it is essentially just a timer.

Forms Edit

At 22 minutes the Android is capable of being reconstructed into a new form at the Arbitress. There are three such forms.

Surbeit Chassis

Valkyrie Chassis

Penguin Chassis

Strategy Edit

Avoid revealing your metallic nature unnecessarily, it makes you a strong target to kill for a minion. You should also ensure the Arbitress survives as long as possible, as it ensures your own survival and is key to your power later in the game.